Úlfur Eldjárn:  ASH

Úlfur Eldjárn: ASH

The original soundtrack from the film "Ash", composed by Úlfur Eldjárn.

"'Ash' is a feature length documentary about the aftermath of the volcanic eruptions in and around Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. It tells the story of three farming families living right next to the volcanos and how their lives are dramatically affected by the eruptions and the great clouds of ash that followed. The same ash made the world’s headlines when it led to the closure of airspace over Europe and caused travel disruption all over the world.

The score was performed by Úlfur along with percussionist Samuli Kosminen and the East Connection Symphony Orchestra in Hungary. The music is partly inspired by Bernard Herrmann’s fantastic score for Journey to the Center of the Earth and Jón Leifs’ epic depiction of the volcano Hekla. The percussion was performed and recorded by Samuli Kosminen, (of Múm, Hauschka, Kimmo Pohjonen). The orchestral parts were arranged by Úlfur and performed by the East Connection Symphony Orchestra in Hungary, directed by Peter Pejtsik. Piano and celeste were performed by Úlfur and also the prepared and bowed piano which give the soundtrack a distinct flavour."



Released 2013.


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