Sigurður Flosason: TVEIR HEIMAR

Sigurður Flosason: TVEIR HEIMAR

The CD contains three pieces especially composed for saxophonist Sigurður Flosason over a period of three decades. They straddle the border between jazz and classical music, hence the title "Tveir heimar" (e. Two Worlds).

"Changing Times" by Árni Egilsson. Performed by Sigurður Flosason, Kjartan Valdemarsson (piano) and Einar Scheving (drums).

"Skuggar af skýjum" by Áskell Másson. Performed by Sigurður Flosason and the Caput Ensemble, conducted by Guðni Franzson.

"Að leikslokum" by Gunnar Reynir Sveinsson. Performed by Sigurður Flosason, Reynir Sigurðsson, Þórður Högnason and Matthías Hemstock.

Released 2014.


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