Reykjavík Big Band / Jóel Pálsson: INNRI

Reykjavík Big Band / Jóel Pálsson: INNRI

This album received the Icelandic Music Awards 2015 as album of the year in the category "Jazz & Blues".

All compositions by Jóel Pálsson, big band arrangements by Kjartan Valdemarsson.

The Band, directed by Kjartan Valdemarsson:

  • Ívar Guðmundsson: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
  • Kjartan Hákonarson: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
  • Snorri Sigurðarson: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
  • Ari Bragi Kárason: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
  • Sigurður Flosason: Alto & soprano saxophones, flute, alto flute, bass clarinet
  • Haukur Gröndal: Alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Jóel Pálsson: Tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, Kalimba
  • Ólafur Jónsson: Tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Stefán S. Stefánsson: Baritone saxophone, alto flute
  • Einar Jónsson: Trombone
  • Stefán Ómar Jakobsson: Trombone
  • Samúel Jón Samúelsson: Trombone
  • David Bobroff: Bass trombone
  • Eyþór Gunnarsson: Piano, Rhodes piano
  • Davíð Þór Jónsson: Hammond organ
  • Gunnar Hrafnsson: Acoustic & electric bass
  • Jóhann Hjörleifsson: Drums & percussion
  • Einar Scheving: Drums & percussion, vibraphone
  • Kjartan Valdemarsson: Accordion, vibraphone

Recorded and released 2015.

"Speaking of cool jazz . . . (...)
Palsson's themes are intense, cerebral, often dark, sometimes ethereal, and clearly demanding, expressing jazz from a conspicuously northern (that is to say, wintry) point of view.    (...)
The RBB weathers every storm with readiness and assurance, never once revealing the least trace of inefficiency or indecision. "
             - Jack Bowers, All About Jazz


Click to listen to the title piece "Innri" on YouTube.


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