Jóel Pálsson: SEPTETT

Jóel Pálsson: SEPTETT

Jóel Pálsson:  Tenor saxophone and bass clarinet

Greg Hopkins:  Trumpet and flügelhorn

Sigurður Flosason:  bariton and alto saxophones, bass clarinet, alto and piccolo flutes

Eyþór Gunnarsson:  Hammond organ, Würlitzer, accordeon and synthesizers

Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson:  Contrabass

Einar Scheving:  Drums and "jarmdolla" (a can that goes 'moo')

Helgi Svavar Helgason:  Percussion, sampler and scat singing

All tracks by Jóel Pálsson.

Recorded in 2002.

Icelandic Music Award as "Jazz Record of the Year" 2002.


"Septett has its share of fine solo spots for saxophone and trumpet, but the ensemble work is its strong point—spirited and swirling reed/brass conversations doing their give and take in front of a solid but quirky (in the best possible sense of the word) rhythm section.

A marvelous ensemble recording by Iceland's sax man, an effort that should should earn him an audience far beyond his North Atlantic homeland."

Dan McClenaghan in All About Jazz

Other CD's from Jóel Pálsson:  Klif,  Varp,  Horn, Innri (with the Reykjavík Big Band)

Jóel also plays on:  Stikur,  Skuggsjá,  Rask,  Undir4.

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