House Project - First House, Second House, Third House

House Project - First House, Second House, Third House

In 1974, visual artist Hreinn Friðfinnsson created the work House Project, which has since become one of the artist’s best-known works. The house faces inwards and therefore contains the world which surrounds it. Later Hreinn created another version of the house, which was constructed in France in 2008. The second house mirrors the first one so the external side faces the world but the world itself can be found within its walls. A model of the original house, constructed with thin wire, is located inside the house. On the hill where the first house was constructed Hreinn built one more version of the house, an expansion of the model made of wire from the inside of the house in France.

Texts, photographs and the overall design of the book are based on these houses. The houses are mirror images of each other. They are the surrounding world as much as they are an exclusion of it. The book contains photographs of the three works and the writings of French art historian Frédéric Paul and Ólöf K. Sigurðardóttir, director of Hafnarborg art museum.

170x240 mm
95 pages
Icelandic & English

Released 2012


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