Hljómskálakvintettinn: Jólin alls staðar

Hljómskálakvintettinn: Jólin alls staðar

Hljómskálakvintettinn ("The Music Pavillion Quintet") is an Icelandic brass quintet, here playing a variety of well known Christmas tunes, Icelandic and international alike, starting off with "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and, of course, ending with "Silent Night".

The quintet's members are:

Ásgeir H. Steingrímsson:  trumpet

Sveinn Þ. Birgisson:  trumpet

Þorkell Jóelsson:  horn

Oddur Björnsson:  trombone

Bjarni Guðmundsson:  tuba


Released 2006.


Also with Hljómskálakvintettinn:  Öxar við ána


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