Gulli Gudmundsson:  Bass

Arve Henriksen:  Trumpet, voices

Wolfert Brederode:  Piano, melodica

Music by Gulli Gudmundsson.

Released in 2009.

"Dreamy soundscapes and contemplative textures form the background to the improvisations of the legendary trumpetplayer Arve Henriksen. His velvet sound and haunting melodies are caught at it's best on this recording. Arve's angel voice appears as well on several tracks. 

Wolfert Brederode, known as well as Arve for his work on ECM records, takes the musical intensity to new levels with his impressionistic textures. The soundcapes and effects are created by Gulli Gudmundsson, as well as the melodic tones from his double bass.

Acoustic instruments and electronics weave together seamlessly and effortlessly in a suite of songs especially composed for the occasion. The recording was made live in concert in the Netherlands which gives it an element of electricity. 

Themes such as cosmology, magnetism of the still north, and the longing for a quiet of mind stream through the music, giving it a deeper meaning beyond mere notes."

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